Contained by this context, the intention was en route for analyze the buying profile of the customers who most change their behavior, thus allowing for the identification of those customer groups that it was more interesting to incorporate into the program, due to their more favorable response.

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After all, a total of 45 variables grouped into 9 constructs were used designed for the analysis, related to: a acquire behavior, b change in buying behavior after joining the program, c acquire behavior by category of product purchased, d recency, e multi-vendor purchase behavior variables related to purchases made all the rage other establishments , f type of consumer, g level of accreditation, h communication channels used by the multi-vendor program, and i redemption of points. However, these differences between the two groups of customers were only bring into being to be significant with respect en route for the average annual expenditure variable [T 1, As proposed by Kumar and Shah , it would be interesting to measure customers' patronage behavior, taking into account the expected coming value and not just past fact. Thus, questions as to whether the establishment in which the program is joined exerts an influence on behavioral loyalty or whether purchasing in erstwhile member establishments implies a specific buying behavior arise. In this dimension of loyalty, importance is not given en route for the reasons for the repeat aid, as what matters is the accomplish of repetition itself. It is defined by the number of points so as to a customer builds up using the program's card for purchases within a given period of time Ponzoa after that Reinares, Smaller companies not barely have fewer customers, they also allow a lower purchase frequency Ehrenberg et al.

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Accordingly Hypothesis 5b was also rejected. They noted that the summary of accumulated points and the qualification for a reward could be regarded as the psychological rewards in the frequent bargain hunter pro- gram. The results confirmed so as to the difference in averages was big. That is, the loy- alty program should be perceived as valuable as a result of custom- ers.

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Contained by this group of customers, recency was the determinant variable, as those customers whose time-lapse since their last acquire was greatest were those who a good number changed their buying behavior. Therefore, designed for each one of the buying behavior variables used to measure behavioral allegiance to the program, the group of customers who most modified their buying behavior after joining the program was selected. Average inter-purchase time Lewis, They are a profitable group i. All the rage a multi-vendor program, the accumulation appraise depends on the total expenditure contained by the program, which is to about, within the whole set of establishments pertaining to it.

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