Aged currency notes will also be acknowledged for making payment of utility charges for water and electricity, etc.

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Or why you can take only six withdrawals/month from a savings .

Before, the limit for cash deposit devoid of PAN was Rs 50, per business. Reuters The limits were placed next the 8 November demonetisation of Rs 1, and Rs notes. The ability will initially be available at 2, petrol pumps across the country so as to have card swipe machines from Affirm Bank of India, the country's largest bank. Old currency notes will additionally be accepted for making payment of utility charges for water and current, etc. ATM : Per day coin withdrawal limit raised to Rs 2, The government has raised the coin withdrawal limit from Rs 2, apiece card, per day to Rs 2, per card, per day. Both the authorities have denied key information arrange the exercise to the public constant under RTI Act. Don't use your savings account for this purpose.

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The official said the government is re-monetising the scrapped currency, which made ahead for 86 per cent of array notes in circulation by value. Abandonment limit from a 'current account' raised to Rs 50, per week Allow for the needs and requirement of affair community, small traders, the government has raised the withdrawal limit from 'current account' to Rs 50, They were the first set of notes en route for be circulated. The official added so as to the restrictions on cash withdrawals bidding be first eased in case of cooperative banks and then for altogether the scheduled commercial banks. This clarifies the misconception that one can accretion cash in multiple batches of a lesser amount of than Rs 50, each and avoid mentioning the PAN. This higher coin withdrawal limit is available only by recalibrated ATMs which will dispense individual high security Rs 2, note after that rest in the lower denomination. As a replacement for of making several savings withdrawals before transfers throughout the month, try en route for make just one or two.

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