As of here 2 players that have Keycards will need to go to the double doors, mask up when anodyne to do so and use the Keycards on both laser slots. You only get 2 so I advise the gate at the beginning area near the van and then the one behind it.

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Shadow Raid

It is really up to you how you approach this room, but body patient and waiting for the guards to walk by good take absent spots is a solid way en route for get through. One final note is that due to the method old I this guide, certain players bidding not get credit for completing the mission on difficulty but will acquire the payout and achievement. Artifact after that Samurai Armor will slow you en route for crawling speed --Loadout: Weapons - Denial point in having armor or arduous weapons. Now wait for the age lock to finish. Once you allow done this, Player 1 quits absent and rejoins whilst player 2 bidding mask up and interact with the correct office computer when safe en route for do so. The dumpster feels also close to the van, if you have some loot from the consignment yard the bag zipline will be faster and less dangerous. Easy pillage of the top floor with a good deal less to worry about. Also able to put some on doors so as to lead to the garage or adult rooms.

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At once wait for the time lock en route for finish. I apologize for the chunk of this guide but felt so as to a lot needed to be enclosed. As soon as the players accomplish this, They must quit out of the mission and rejoin off the host. The crowbar also appears a lot of other places. At this point the Host is now anodyne to proceed to the vault. Spawning points are random. To start along with the Host of the mission bidding remain outside of the bank await stated. Also good to put a few on doors that lead to the garage or big rooms.

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Base shelf near windows. With some Caper Mines you can keep an discernment on who's coming and going. Hey all Warning - This is a long guide For the following channel please look at the general details needed to help you. Some ancestor prefer the dumpster drop but the bag zipline also leads to a drop off. There are some details I've left out In the kitchen on the table.

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